Friday, January 18, 2008


I had known, for sometime, that iPods were pretty common attire. Whether in the coffee shop or just walking downtown, it seemed everyone had those tiny little pearly white earbuds. It wasn't until I actually owned one that I realized just how widespread they were.

Kain, for Christmas, bought me a lavender 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle. Included, is the standard pair of white earbuds. By owning them, you pick out small details that set them apart: an inch long section of grey at the connection of the wire, and the fact that there is a casing around the connection of the wire to the speaker. At least 90% of peole I see with headphones have Apple headphones. The 10% that do not, most of them still have an iPod, versus any other brand of DAP (digital audio player).

This is shocking to me! The harddrive space you recieve in (any) Apple iPod is up to four times as expensive as an alternative DAP. Trends are a curious thing.

Regardless of my revolation, I adore my iPod shuffle. It's tiny so I'm not worried about it snapping in half, and it has a convienent clip so I don't have to have a sweaty armband when I work out. One gigabyte of memory is more than enough to fufill my needs. I kind of hate the idea of having an entire music library on a DAP...and having to think of what you want to listen to, ect... If I really want to listen to a song that's not on it, it's no big deal for me to wait at maximum, a day to put it on.

This is not to say that I don't see the convienece of a full blown iPod, for example, I can see some cool things to use it for. Road trips, backing up your music, watching tv shows(?), ect...

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